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We blend top quality fragrance oils to create the most unique experience that unfolds as the wax melts. The first scent on a cold candle may give you the top notes and a hint of the middle notes. But as you burn the candle, the scent experience will develop and each carefully selected fragrance will develop into an encompassing vibe that will carry you away to hygge bliss.

To create the best scent throw, we use a colorless and clean burning blend of soy and paraffin wax. The soy helps our candles burn slower and longer while the paraffin helps boost the scent throughout your space. You may notice that some candles have different hues from white to cream depending on the oils in each fragrance. This is completely normal, and does not effect the quality of your candle in any way. 

Please always keep a trimmed wick! A trimmed wick will determine how long your candle will last, how hot it will get, how good of a scent it has, and also will reduce any soot that may be created. 

We take pride and great care in all of our candles and wax blends, with months of testing before any scent is released to our lines. Rest assured, we go to great lengths to create the full experience when you purchase one of our products.

The goal is for you to light, sit back and relax while taking in all those hygge vibes... 

All of the designs you see below for each scent has been created with the fragrance oils and mood in mind. They have been hand drawn by the owner and created specifically for that scent. 

"Good JuJu"
Bamboo + Sugared Blackberry + Jasmine + Oak Moss
[Sweet + Fruity + Earthy] 

Good Juju scent is warm and juicy with a fresh earthy base.

“Good Juju” starts with top notes of sugared blackberry and jasmine flower for a sweet and juicy start that blend into fresh bamboo and blonde woods to ground the scent with an earthy base that fills your space with hygge and good vibes.

The perfect candle to light ...
in a new home or office, to bring on positive feelings or when good vibes are needed.



Grapefruit + Eucalyptus + Rosemary + Crushed Mint 

[Bright + Clean + Refreshing] 

"Manifest" is a bright and inspiring scent that is clean and motivating. It starts with top notes of sparkling grapefruit and eucalyptus with middle and base notes of rosemary and crushed mint.

The perfect candle to light ...
when you are tuning into your dreams and aspirations, exercise mindset, provide clarity and focus to achieve goals and to inspire motivation. 

"Secret of Joy"

Cactus Flower + Sweet Lemon + Fresh Bergamot

[Bright + Sweet + Creamy] 

"Secret of Joy" scent is like sweet a ray of sunshine inside a candle. It starts with top notes of sugared lemon and bright cactus flower for a bright start that blends into a creamy soft base that fills your space with the scent of pure joy and happiness.

The perfect candle to light ...
  in all the moments of life when you would like to let joy in. Find your hygge with friends, nature, or just within the every day in your home.


Lavender Sprig + Clary Sage + Olive Leaf

[Floral + Herbal + Spa] 

Cleansing + Calm + Grounding


"Wanderlust" scent is a relaxing and rejuvenating spa-like scent. When the call of the wild hits your soul and you crave the open and relaxing spaces of nature, nothing else will do.

“Wanderlust” starts with top notes of creamy
lavender for a relaxing scent that envelops into clary sage and olive leaf for a refreshing and relaxing scent that provides clarity, calm and optimism.

The perfect candle to light ...
   in dreams of adventure to capture the relaxing calm of nature, or when in need of optimistic and cleansing vibes


Lemon + Vervain Blossom + Clary Sage

[Bright + Citrus + Earth]

Clarity + Refresh + Centered

“Focus” scent is bright and awakening with crisp lemon, and the herbal notes of sage are grounding to keep you centered.

The perfect candle to light ...
when studying or working. When you need to creat clarity and to promote good feelings and focus during moments of concentration. Sets a bright, clean hygge vibe in your home.

Blackwood | Ginger | Orange | Coconut

[Deep + Spiced + Rich] 

Inner Reflection + Coping + Deeper Understanding

Blackwood | Ginger | Orange | Coconut

[Deep + Spiced + Rich] 

"Wisdom" candle blend is a unique scent that is warm and a little spicy with a touch of sweet.  “Wisdom” starts with top notes of orange flower and ginger for a sweet and spicy start that open into a soft creamy coconut middle finished on a bed of blackwood and warm amber.

The perfect candle to light ...
   in times when clarity is needed on decision making, when studying or in times of reflection and deep thought 


Sweet Orchard + Spicy Coriander + Spruce + Rosewood

[Sweet + Warm + Earthy] 

Creativity + Inspiration 


Muse scent is bright and sweet based in warm earth and spices. It starts with top notes of rosewood and orchards for a bright start that blends into
coriander spices and spruce trees to warm the scent with an earthy base that fills your space with inspiration and clarity.

The perfect candle to light ...
  in moments of creativity, creation, and inspiration.

"Blueberry Moon"

Blueberry + Warm Vanilla + Cinnamon

“Blueberry Moon” scent is a creamy and cozy blueberry candle that has ultra hygge vibes. It starts with top notes of creamy vanilla and blueberry that opens up into a bed of soft cinnamon spices for a feel-good scent that everyone will love.

The perfect candle to light ...
 to set a hygge “no place like home” atmosphere while cuddling up with your favorite blanket, a warm cup of tea and a good book. 


Yuzu Tea + Sandalwood + Nag Champa + Crushed Rose

[Deep + Spicy + Earthy] 

"Lo-fi" is inspired by the mellow enchanting beats of Lo-Fi Music. Often a playlist that is a great background track to create or vibe out to. Our Lo-Fi candle is a deep, rich and spicy scent that is mellow and relaxing.  It starts with top notes of Yuzu tea and crushed rose with middle and base notes of spices of nag champa and sandalwood.

The perfect candle to light ...
when vibing out to chill music, in low key settings, in a moment of inner reflection or to set a cozy hygge vibe when with friends.


Honey + Bergamot + Rolled Oats + Milk

[Soothing + Calm + Creamy] 

"Unplug" is the ultimate hygge candle... a warm, creamy and cozy scent. It starts with top notes of honey and bergamot with middle and base notes of creamy milk and rolled oats.

The perfect candle to light ...
  anytime! Our ultimate hygge candle to set a warm and cozy vibe in your space.
Set the mood and stow away your electronics while you unplug for the day.
Let’s hygge!


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